When parents are
                                in conflict,
                   it is the children that lose.



Family Dispute Resolution (FDR) is a new government funded and private service designed to assist separating and separated parents, families/ whanau to resolve issues relating to the parenting and care of their children.

It is child focussed and helps parents develop parenting agreements that are in the best interests and welfare of the children. The overall aim is to assist families to reach agreement without the time, costs and stress of going to court.

In Family Dispute Resolution, parents (and extended family/ whanau where appropriate) will be supported by an FDR mediator to find agreements and solutions to the parenting and care of their children. A parenting agreement will then be written and signed. If families want, this agreement can then be filed in court and made into a Consent Order by a Family Court Judge.

Attempting Family Dispute Resolution and attending a Parenting through Separation programme is now a compulsory requirement for the majority of people before a ‘care of children’ dispute will be heard by a Family Court Judge. If there are Domestic Violence or safety concerns then families will be exempt from this requirement.

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The following websites also provide thorough information about FDR:

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