Conflict is not the problem.
                                The way we behave
                                                      when we are in conflict
                                                  is the problem.



In its simplest form, mediation is a conversation or set of conversations. Conversations that need to happen however are often tangled up in difficult emotions and unresolved issues from the past. It can often be almost impossible to have these conversations constructively without a third person (a mediator).

My role as a mediator is to create a safe supported environment so that people can have the conversations that they really need to have. Through a process of joint and sometimes individual meetings, people are helped to find creative solutions to their stuck problems.

A mediator is impartial. I do not take sides or make decisions for either people in their mediation. You stay in control of the decision making. You choose the solutions. As mediator, my role is to support and provide the process to make this possible.

Mediation is voluntary and can be stopped by any party or the mediator at any time. It is private and confidential. Mediation has a high success rate.

I mediate relationship, separation, family, workplace and neighbour disputes.

"We achieved in two sessions what my ex-husband and I could not achieve over a number of years. We are now in a place where we are able to communicate better and are ready to work together, rather than against each other."



Simon Dadley-Moore
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